Friday, January 23, 2015

Wizards 101 Review for Pre-School & Kindergarten Children

Wizard 101 An Online Game 

I have published 2 reviews for this online game. This review is specifically in regards to pre-school and school age children playing Wizard 101. My daughters Inara (4) and Evie (6) play this game and we have had a blast. However, there are somethings you may want to consider before downloading it. 

Wizard 101 is a free multi-player game. The other people you see running around in the game are real people playing somewhere in the world. The game is both free and can cost money. It is free to download and play (with coupon code see below). There are specialty areas that cost extra or you can sign up to be a premium member for $9.99 a month or $6.95 per month if you have 3 or more accounts. We played the free version for a long time, about 6 months before upgrading so it is awesome you can try it out and see if you like playing before spending any money on it at all. this game is a free download online (with coupon code see below) so you don't need to go to a store or pick up a disk version. 

There are some themes that select parents my find inappropriate for young children such as ghosts, wizards (obviously), goblins, ghouls, leprous etc. (There is no violence depicted in this game however there are spells cast that 'defeat' certain evil characters.) the wording and game play is intentionally kept very clean. There is no blood, gore, guts, etc. All characters are well designed for young children to not be too scary (although children are all different). 

Each child get's to design their own wizard (girl or boy) and then report to the head master for training. They earn cards in the game the cards are collected in their card deck. These cards are good for healing casting spells, or blocking spells during battles. 

The card deck appears anytime there is a battle automatically and children do not have to equip various items while entering battle. The battles are strategic and are tern based so each child has time to choose and think about what they would like to do. 

There are other things to do in the game such as magical fishing, gathering magic items to make clothing, weapons, spell cards, etc. 

Here's the downside, the missions don't always give you a clear pinpoint area and the game is extremely large. My children needed help finding the mission areas and reading the descriptions for quite awhile. Now they mostly play on their own but plan on having children who are unaware of turn based games, and large video games spend a lot of time on your lap while learning to play. The upside to this? It's a fun game that's designed for adults too! So play away. I just set up an account and had them sit on the couch with me we all play together.

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