Saturday, January 24, 2015

Waterford Upstart Review

Waterford Upstart Pre-School at Home

Have you heard of Upstart before? It is an Amazing FREE online pre-school. In order to register you have to log on to their site, and sign up. Then at the beginning of the school year you attend (with your child) a free training session.

The children go into one room and start playing on the online games (it's an assessment but they don't' even know what's going on) and the parents sit in another room and learn how to use the program. It is required that you use the program for at least 15 minutes a day 5 days a week. But it's easy to do and for the most part after the first week Inara was able to use it completely on her own. It sings songs, has games, and gives the children reading challenges. Upstart focuses on reading, although it does offer math and science as well. Inara has been using the program since august and is reading level 1 books mostly on her own. She does still need help with some of the longer or exception words. But she is doing really well and is only half way through the pre-school year!

In addition to offering reading, math and science support for our home pre-school it also gives her something that she has to do everyday and gets her in the idea of having a set homework routine which I love! The training had me really nervous when we signed up to use the program but it ended up being really relaxed and a lot of fun. And, Inara got to play games get an award and eat a snack... she didn't mind at all!

If you are looking for a preschool program I would highly recommend Waterford Upstart! It has been a wonderful tool in our house giving us topics to discuss, reading practice, daily homework routine reinforcement, and a lot of joy! Some children mentioned in training had a hard time staying on track but Inara usually reminds us around lunch time everyday rather than us reminding her!

Finally this online pre-school crosses over into the 'real world' monthly when Inara gets a post card with a medal on it! Every month Waterford issues each child a metal to hang on their poster (they get the poster at training along with a mouse pad and other tools). These metals can be gold, silver, or bronze depending on their performance (this performance is based on if they completed the time requirement not how well they did in class).

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