Monday, January 26, 2015

Blogger & Facebook Opportunity for Free BOOKS & Over $250 in Prizes

Blogger Opportunity!

Here is an AMAZING blogger and Facebook blogger opportunity you may have ever seen! Guaranteed FREE BOOK of your choice, plus the chance to win over $250 in prizes! 

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Have you heard of Usborne books? If yes are you an Usborne junkie like me? If you dont' think you've heard of Usborne books take a look around your house. You probably have one or twenty of them already! Usborne is an amazing book company for children and adults. They have great books for homeschool, school companions, first books, novels and more! My favorite books they have right now are the Illustrated Stories Series which you can see some of below! 

Can you imagin reading Shakspear, Dickenson, Asop and other famous tales to your children and having them understand them? These books introduce famous, and historical stories with beautiful illustrations and easy to understand themes! My children ages 4 and 6 are in love with these books and the stories. Even better yet they get histriclal that most adults miss! 

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Rules: In order to participate you MUST have a Facebook account, and be able to invite at least 45 people to a Facebook (online) party to feature Usborne books. If you'd like to be considered for this opportunity read the details below and then e-mail Adrienne! There over 2 dozen open days between now and the close of the party period February 21st. 

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Host an Usborne Book Party On Your Facebook Page and Get 1 FREE BOOK of your choice! Plus get Double FREE Books for your party, AND every blogger that hosts a party before February 21st will get entered to win a prize package valued at over $250!

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Earn FREE BOOKS, have fun hosting an online party, and get entered to win an amazing prize package just in time to stuff Easter baskets with wonderful new reads!

These parties require no cleaning, no cooking, no in person hosting, simply host the party on your Facebook page. There is no expense to the host, simply tons of free goodies!

BONUS: For each person who signs up to host a Facebok party during your party you will get 5 extra entries into the drawing! (Winner will be notified by February 28th, 2015).  

Here are some ideas for your party! 
- Little Readers Party
- Fairy Tale Party 
- Easter Basket Books
- Homework Helpers
- Teaching Children To Read
- Books for Babies

E-mail: Adrienne at to set up a party date! 
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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Waterford Upstart Review

Waterford Upstart Pre-School at Home

Have you heard of Upstart before? It is an Amazing FREE online pre-school. In order to register you have to log on to their site, and sign up. Then at the beginning of the school year you attend (with your child) a free training session.

The children go into one room and start playing on the online games (it's an assessment but they don't' even know what's going on) and the parents sit in another room and learn how to use the program. It is required that you use the program for at least 15 minutes a day 5 days a week. But it's easy to do and for the most part after the first week Inara was able to use it completely on her own. It sings songs, has games, and gives the children reading challenges. Upstart focuses on reading, although it does offer math and science as well. Inara has been using the program since august and is reading level 1 books mostly on her own. She does still need help with some of the longer or exception words. But she is doing really well and is only half way through the pre-school year!

In addition to offering reading, math and science support for our home pre-school it also gives her something that she has to do everyday and gets her in the idea of having a set homework routine which I love! The training had me really nervous when we signed up to use the program but it ended up being really relaxed and a lot of fun. And, Inara got to play games get an award and eat a snack... she didn't mind at all!

If you are looking for a preschool program I would highly recommend Waterford Upstart! It has been a wonderful tool in our house giving us topics to discuss, reading practice, daily homework routine reinforcement, and a lot of joy! Some children mentioned in training had a hard time staying on track but Inara usually reminds us around lunch time everyday rather than us reminding her!

Finally this online pre-school crosses over into the 'real world' monthly when Inara gets a post card with a medal on it! Every month Waterford issues each child a metal to hang on their poster (they get the poster at training along with a mouse pad and other tools). These metals can be gold, silver, or bronze depending on their performance (this performance is based on if they completed the time requirement not how well they did in class).

Friday, January 23, 2015

Wizards 101 Review for Pre-School & Kindergarten Children

Wizard 101 An Online Game 

I have published 2 reviews for this online game. This review is specifically in regards to pre-school and school age children playing Wizard 101. My daughters Inara (4) and Evie (6) play this game and we have had a blast. However, there are somethings you may want to consider before downloading it. 

Wizard 101 is a free multi-player game. The other people you see running around in the game are real people playing somewhere in the world. The game is both free and can cost money. It is free to download and play (with coupon code see below). There are specialty areas that cost extra or you can sign up to be a premium member for $9.99 a month or $6.95 per month if you have 3 or more accounts. We played the free version for a long time, about 6 months before upgrading so it is awesome you can try it out and see if you like playing before spending any money on it at all. this game is a free download online (with coupon code see below) so you don't need to go to a store or pick up a disk version. 

There are some themes that select parents my find inappropriate for young children such as ghosts, wizards (obviously), goblins, ghouls, leprous etc. (There is no violence depicted in this game however there are spells cast that 'defeat' certain evil characters.) the wording and game play is intentionally kept very clean. There is no blood, gore, guts, etc. All characters are well designed for young children to not be too scary (although children are all different). 

Each child get's to design their own wizard (girl or boy) and then report to the head master for training. They earn cards in the game the cards are collected in their card deck. These cards are good for healing casting spells, or blocking spells during battles. 

The card deck appears anytime there is a battle automatically and children do not have to equip various items while entering battle. The battles are strategic and are tern based so each child has time to choose and think about what they would like to do. 

There are other things to do in the game such as magical fishing, gathering magic items to make clothing, weapons, spell cards, etc. 

Here's the downside, the missions don't always give you a clear pinpoint area and the game is extremely large. My children needed help finding the mission areas and reading the descriptions for quite awhile. Now they mostly play on their own but plan on having children who are unaware of turn based games, and large video games spend a lot of time on your lap while learning to play. The upside to this? It's a fun game that's designed for adults too! So play away. I just set up an account and had them sit on the couch with me we all play together.

Sign up to try out Wizard 101 for FREE! Use Code: B538D-QL5WQ-2L97M-7LQ6Q

Disclosure: this post and any other on this blog may contain affiliate links. Affiliate links allow us to continue writing, reviewing and discussing! Thank you for using the links on this blog we appreciate the support. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

K-12 For Kindergarten (Post 1 of 10)

K-12 Online Accredited School

For those of you who are like us and want to home school but also knowing ourselves we travel A LOT and we have gymnastics, horse back riding, violin lessons, drum lessons, Girl Scouts, and other family activities every single week. So while home schooling was an awesome option for us, the time spent preparing lessons, finding material, and pre-setting up studies was going to be a strain against the activities we already had established. Home school also is not accredited and if you plan to school all the way through high school it can leave some children feeling like they never really did graduate.

For these reasons and others including : The opportunity to participate in school wide field trips, spelling bees, science fairs, monthly meetings, and for the chance to have my children interact with other teachers and students we chose an online school. It is a hybrid option with for us, the best of both world. We stay at home, I do most of the teaching with my children, classes and lessons are already prepared and on ones we want to expand on we can easily do that. There are ample field trips, reading groups, spelling bees, poetry slams, science fairs, and other outings, the children have home room teachers, and we have everything we need at our finger tips. But how does educating online work?

First off not everything is done online, there are lots and lots of activities that we do offline! The lessons are already prepared (we expand on most) and there are books, workbooks, building blogs, math tools, phonics tools, white boards, reading tools, and more that came in our FREE kit. These offline lessons are reinforced with online games, songs and in-class discussions. Evie who started in Kindergarten this year (she finished Kindergarten already and is in 1st grade) has class 1's a day. As kids get older and choose electives they may have classes more than once a day.

Second off there are lots and lots of options on K-12! You can choose from Free Accredited Public Schools such as the one we chose (Utah Virtual Academy), Private and charter schools which are accredited and offer special learning opportunities but are not free, and a-la-cart classes where maybe you just don't' feel comfortable teaching one subject and want a full course program for that specific schedule.

The first step is to figure out what type of enrollment you'd want. Public School, Private/Charter School, or A Single Class. We chose a free public school which means we participate in standardized testing, and receive report cards that are recorded with the state every quarter. Our girls are able to seamlessly transfer to any school in Utah with their grades, and classes should they ever choose to. It also means all our supplies were provided for free on a rental bases (for the entire school year). The girls are also able to work at their own pace and move ahead (such as skipping grades by completing more than 1 in a year).

There are some major benefits online that you can not receive in  most public schools. Our favorite benefit so far is that we can choose extra classes to enroll the girls in, EVEN IN KINDERGARTEN! Evie is taking Spanish, Art Appreciation and Music Theory in addition to regular Kindergarten classes. Not all subjects are required every day and when we log into her student portal it tell us what classes she is expected to complete that day, and which are not required for that day. This gives us a great variety throughout the week, and is very easy to complete even while traveling! Watch for upcoming reviews on just how things work within the classes, and some of the possible downsides as well as the perks of schooling at home and online!

Check out all the K-12 Optiosn on their website at