Monday, November 3, 2014

Stone Soup Cooperative Game Review

Stone Soup Cooperative Game Review  

I got this game from a bloghop giveaway and was very excited to try it out! The girls and I had an interesting time reading the instructions. It is the first cooperative game that i had ever played with toddlers. Instead of playing against eachother we are playing to beat the game it's self!

The girls had a blast playing, even though it was about round 4 before they got the hang of not competing against eachother. Once we got the hang of cooperating instead of competing the game became even more fun.

There are several things we love about this game! First of all it can be played in about 15 minutes so you can do it in between other activities, as a quick restart to the day, or you can plan on playing several rounds during family game night! Because it promotes cooperating and working together we even play it when the girls are having a hard time getting along, it seems ot help them remember to be a team!

The only con to this game is that it is quick and it would be boring for children if they are over the age of about 8.

In order to play you turn the game pieces upside up, and see fi they are an ingrediant in the soup (which there are many ingrediants and a story to go along with them) or stones. If they are stones they could ruien the soup. There are even some cute twists and turns! One piece will give you the power to put back a rock but who holds the piece and rather or not they are willing ot use it comes into play. Find the right time to play this special piece and make sure everyone is on board :)

You can Buy Stone Soup on Amazon Here... to play at your next family game night. 

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, however all the oppinions and experiances with this game are mine.

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