Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Free E-Books or Online Books Part 2 - 26 Days and A to Z Resources

For the A to Z blog challenge this year I have decided to showcase 26 subjects and great resources for each of these subject. One of my most popular posts ever has been the Free E-Books or Online Books in which I outlined over 3,000 free online books! So here is a part 2 with another 3,000 and new book companies, web-pages and resources! I hope you enjoy! Did you know that online there is over 2.5 MILLION FREE TITLES to be downloaded? Don't have an e-reader? No problem use free apps such as Kindle, and Nook to transform your phone, PC, MAC or tablet into an instant e-reader with out every purchasing one! 

1. Kindle App
Download Free Kindle App By Amazon through this link. You can put the app on your PC, Mac, Tablet, Phone, iPad and more! This app transforms the computer device you already have into an instant Kindle! Now you have the power to use thousands of free Kindle books! Here's a list of 10 free books to get you started but don't  stop there, there is currently over 2500 TITLES free books on Amazon to be downloaded! Free Children's Books & Education and Reference

1. The Ugly Duckling (Illustrated)
2. Lily Lemon Blossom Welcome to Lily's Room
3. Orangey the Goldfish (Book 1)
4. Cougar Cub Tales: I'm Just Like You
5. A New Pet in the Family
6. Cougar Cub Tales: I'm Just Like You
7. The Clever Detective: Story 1 (A Fairy Tale Romance)
8. Wiggle Wiggle Boooooom! (free for prime members or members of Amazon Mom .99 cents otherwise)
9. Snotty Crocky: A Slimy Rhyming Children's Picture Book
10. Tongue Twisters for Kids

2. Nook App 
Barns and Noble developed a kindle like reader called the Nook and just like Kindle you can download the app to transform devices you already have into a free version of the Nook. Go here to choose your app and then enjoy thousands of free Nook Books!  Free children's books.

1. The Elephant's Child
2. The Summer Flower That Roared 
3. Little Learner's Sing Along
4. Short Bedtime Stories
5. When Cows Fly 
6. Quack A-Doodle-Baa 
7. Animal Trainer
8. Julio Bunny Goes To The Library 
9. Meet Digger Mole
10. Fergus The Race

3. Many Books Online 
Browse thousands of online books in this library and read them instantly from your computer! Go here to see the site and all their books. You can even read and write book reviews! 

4. Project Gutenberg 
Project Gutenberg is a collection of over 42,000 online e-books ready to read or download. These books were originally published by bona fide publishers. Books were proofed by volunteers so you may run into some spelling or grammar errors although many titles are well known. There is no registration or fees to use the site so go here and enjoy! Also to make it easier here is a direct link to the children's book shelf

5. Open Library Online
Just like Wiki you can write articles, contribute, add your own books, etc. You must sign up for an account although it's free, there is currently over 1,000,000 publications on the site to be checked out. Only so many people can check them out at a time so you might need to add some to your waiting list. 

6. American Libraries 
The American Libraries has launched a full site with millions of titles and works of art. They even have an entire children's library online! Read books right on your computer no need to check them out! 

7. Barns & Noble Story Circle 
Currently Barns & Noble has just over a dozen stories loaded into this online story time circle but they are working on loading more according to blogger sources. These stories are read along with professional story tellers or the book's author reading the story out-loud. This service is very much like the Disney Digital Books discussed in party 1 of Free E-Books post. Go here and enjoy the Barns & Noble Story time Circle and be sure to check back for new stories (I know at least one has been loaded since last month.)

8. Google Play Books 
Google Play is the new Android Market and they have hundreds of books you can download to your phone or tablet, but did you know you can go right to to use the market from your PC or Mac? Read books, listen to music and even play some apps all for free? Go here and see some of the children's books availible online. Many of htese are duplicates from Amazon but there are some 

I hope everyone enjoy's the new list! See you tomorrow for C is for Cooking resources  Did you know cooking is educational, fun, and good parent child bonding time? 

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