Sunday, April 7, 2013

Finding Fun - 26 Days and A to Z Resources

Being a parent is stressful. Okay maybe not for you but for me it is! Dont' get me wrong I love my kids and I love every second we get to spend together. I was looking at my daughter this morning thinking "I don't have much longer left with you do I?" Not that I'm dying she's just getting big way to fast! One of the most important things you can do to teach your kids, is teach them to find fun! Life is way to short, and way to stressful to not find the fun in it! Not only is fun important it can actually save your life, make you smarter, help you loose weight, help you sleep, make your children healthier, help keep your house clean and more... don't believe me?

Having fun is the key to laughter, and according to Health Guide laughing can increase your lifespan. Fitness Diva's says that having fun will increase self confidence and subsequently grades, raises at work, and job oppertunities. And, Sage HMRS says that having fun at work will increase a person's willingness to help, share, and even creativity! So how important it is to have fun with your kids? VERY! Create a bond of understanding, opens up the communication lines for the future, and give them a jump start in life!

Here are 5 awesome sites and articles that helped me really look at what was important with my kids, I had to share:

1. 100 Ways to have fun with kids is an amazing site giving you 100 free or very cheap ways to have fun with your kids. This is also a great site to use for 'daddy/daugher, daddy/son, mommy/daughter, mommy/son date nights;

2. Legislation calling for more fun in education! Great article about why it's important to have fun while learning. Think about it this way, if you associate learning with missery how well will you obsorb the information?

3. Why Having Fun is Important another blogger answers the same question! Why is it so important to have fun...

3. And, if you want to be really moved watch Mr. Rodgers talk to congress about getting funding for the Mr.Rodger's show! This youtube video may make you cry.

4. Funology is a website dedicated to little things you can do to have fun! I personally find that I love their magic tricks!

5. Have Fun Teaching shows some great ways to practice counting, math, reading etc. while having fun! 


  1. I stopped by from the A to Z blog hop and I will be back! You have so many resources on here. (I am a home school Mom too.) I agree that its important for children to learn how to find fun. To many kids seem dependent on others or tv and they miss out on so much.Simply Sarah

  2. All Great suggestions!
    Thank you,
    Happy AtoZ!!!