Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cooking With Kids Resources - 26 Days and A to Z Resources

Cooking with kids can be stressful sometimes, eggs (shell and all) going right into the brownie mix, and when you're done the floor is so sticky you're not sure it will ever be the same color. If you don't believe me go read Five Little Monkeys Bake Momma A Birthday Cake it sums up cooking time at my house... only this mom is trying to do damage control. However, for all the stress, and thrown away attempts at delicacies (or just chocolate that was much needed to recover from cooking), it is actually a huge learning tool! Kids learn fractions from cooking 1/4 of a cup is a great way to introduce fractions! Counting out ingredients such as eggs is also in introduction to 'read world' or 'word problem' math!

Here are 5 great resources for cooking with kids!

1. Cooking With Kids
This site has tons of printable to go along with the cooking projects and my favorite part is their recipes by theme! Choose holidays' or specific events in your life to go along with beautiful and easy recipes! Go here to browse this site!

2. Food Network Channel
Did you know the Food Network not only has shows and recipes just for kids but they have an entire slot on their site dedicated to getting kids into cooking? From short videos on clean up and safety to great game ideas, books, demonstrations and of course recipes! Go here to get started with fantastic site!

3. Martha Stewart
Martha does everything right? And, cooking with children is no exception! Her featured recipe during the holidays was home-made hot chocolate! It's to die for and so the kids and I had a lot of fun making it! We made it in larger batches for nights around the fire place and story time but I liked mine more than 'luke warm' and so I would put it in my k-cup maker (I have a reusable k-cup to put your own grinds in) and it was still absolutely perfect! Check out this recipe and many other's here.

4. PBS Parents
From cooking and safety to nutrition and recipes that center around getting your full 'plate' in for the day! Fruit and veggi based meals with little or no meat! My kids love some of these and some of the 'healthy deserts' are the best! Go here to check it all out! And make sure to look into the Dinnertime Diversions section! It really helped us stay on track and think about why we cook at eat together.

5. TLC
Okay I wouldn't have ever looked here but it was recommended to me by a friend via Pinterest. They have the cutest recipes and ideas ever... just don't expect them to turn out looking like this if you are cooking with toddlers! Know you're going into the project with little hands helping and be okay with your ballerina slipper twinkies ending up looking like something you stepped on in the back yard (only maybe with pink and sprinkles). Go here to check it out... 

Tomorrow's topic begins with D! I would totally give you a spoiler but I'm sitting here debating over about three different ideas. Maybe I"ll do them all? See you tomorrow!


  1. Thank you! Great ideas. My kids love to cook and always love new sources for recipes.

  2. Cooking with kids makes for great memories. Any resources to make the process easier are much appreciated!