Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A is for Algebra - 26 Days and A to Z of Resources

For the A to Z blog challenge this year I have decided to showcase 26 subjects and great resources for each of these subject. Now algebra may seem above most toddler's heads, but it's really not! Here are 5 great resources for teaching algebra concepts and pre-algebra to preschoolers!

1. Instructor Web -
Get a variety of pre-algebra and algebra lesson plans and work sheets for free! Follow along with what they say is the biggest step in learning algebra... colors!

2. Guided Math: A Framework for Mathematics Instruction -
One of my favorite books that can teach you how kids understand math as well as easy ways to introduce complex ideas! Sharing a cookie is fractions... so why not make math fun and understandable to children!

3. School Sparks -
With hundreds of work sheets labeled and ready to print off for free you can choose to print or buy their complete book with over 300 work pages!

4. ThinkFun Math Dice Jr. Game
This game helped both my 3 year old and 4 year old get into addition! Adding numbers wasn't anything they grasped very well 3+4 wasn't an idea they understood. But seeing the dots on the dice and getting to add, subtract  and multiply something they could count and feel... worked like a charm! I would highly recommend dice games (don't let your little ones eat the dice). They are inexpensive (less than $10.00 on Amazon) and can be used all the way to about 6th grade (with division, long addition etc.)

5. Team Umizoomi 
Team Umizoomi is a Nick Jr. television show which teaches kids, patterns, shapes, counting, numbers, direction, map use and more! What a great introduction to math when mom's busy! Check out their page here for work sheets, games, and project ideas to continue along after each episode!

Come back tomorrow for resources and information on my second post of over 3,000 free books and e-books for kids! Part one of this post was published last year... see it here.

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