Saturday, April 28, 2012

YouTube For Teaching (A To Z Challenge)

One of the best free teaching tools I have found is YouTube! I can find videos on most anything to go along with what we are learning about! From Signing Time songs, to nursery rhymes, and even finding suggested songs that I didn't know the tune too!

I have found videos on the process food goes through to end up on your plate, videos on specific animals, letters, songs, astronomy for kids, sign language help, and more. So here's a great project, try making play lists to go along with your learning activities or themes and then watching them on the iPod, Computer, Phone, or TV to supplement other learning!

Have older kids? No problem there are the presidential debates on YouTube, news articles, and documentaries! Here's a great place to get information for reports, find inspiration, and learn new prescriptive! Everything from anti bullying and hot news topics, to information about past presidents, wars, and celebrities.

Happy YouTube surfing and don't forget to come back for the very last letter of the alphabet. Our Z article will be up on Monday!

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