Friday, April 27, 2012

Xiphias Gladius (A to Z Challenge)

Did you know the Xiphias gladius is just the species name for the swordfish? Children are amazing they can obsorb anything! So why not teach them a little science lingo now! Teaching children the scientific names for common things can put them leaps and bounds ahead in hard science classes later...also learning a few common words in Latin is amazing! Classes such as biology, chemistry, math, and geology all use scientific terms and Latin roots! 

Here's a fun list of scientific names you can use in teaching now! 

Common Words: 

Terra - Earth
Tempus - Time
Homo - Human
Derma - Skin 
Endo - Within 
Exo - Outside
Iso - Equal 
Micro - Small
Mono - Equal 
Multi - Many 
Trans - Across 


Semi - Half
Uni - One
Bi - Two
Tri - Three
Tetra - Four
Penta - Five
Hexa- Six
Hepta- Seven
Octo - Eight
Ennea - Nine
Deca - Ten

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