Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Validate Your Work (A To Z Challenge)

Don't let the days when it's just NOT happening get you down....

Not all days are going to go well... but then again not all days go well in public school, private school, or anything else. So be sure to give yourself some slack every once in a great while. On the other hand be sure to make sure you see progress. It's easy to miss progress when you're there everyday. So once a month make a progress chart, and let the kids do their homework completely on their own! Don't give instructions and don't help them out. Just let them do it, and grade their homework (yep even when they are tiny). Be sure to praise everything they did correctly! You'll be able to see what they need help on, and they'll be able to showcase what they've learned!

We hope our A to Z challenge blogs have helped you become and stay inspired! With just a few days left be sure to come back from some craft projects ideas tomorrow in our Wild Animal Post!

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