Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Under, Over, Around, and Through

We all learned the little rabbit or turtle rhymes about going under, over, around, and through as a child. But what if your child is too young or simply not interested in rhymes? How about some real world exercises! Directional awareness helps with math, and handwriting!

Instead of a nursery rhyme (or in addition to) try a trip to the park! Here is a list of directional exercises you can do at the park!

Use the slide on the left of you.
Jump to the right.
Go under the bridge.
Swing over my head.
Walk around the stairs.
Go through the tunnel or bars.
Climb above the ground.
Go up the stairs.
Go down the slide.

Now you have a hands on interactive reinforcement for directional awareness? Children as young as 12 months can start learning directional awareness this way (in some studies younger).

Go up the stairs, down the slide etc. 

Go though the tunnel.

Pop Up Through The Hole

Use the swing on the left, use the swing on the right. 

Swing above my hands. 

Go under the bars. 

Go around the slide. 

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