Monday, April 23, 2012

Teaching Tots Resource List

Here is a list of my top 30 favorite sites, and resources for teaching toddlers! Hope you find it useful! I hope you take the time to check each of these out and enjoy the information!

1. Nick Jr.
This website offers crafts, printables, educational games and more. It's completely free to use and easy to navigate!

2. Donna Young's
With thousands of links this site can get complicated, book mark any areas you're wanting to find easily but it's so worth the time to get to know the site! Free to use and more resources than you can imagine!

3. Homeschool Views 
This blog has a a few printable, record keeping printables, crosswords and more, they also have a huge list of resources.

4. School Sparks
This site offers printables to help any child get ready to enter school. Rather you homeschool or are simply trying to get your children ready for Kindergarten then this site is a must have to bookmark on your computer.

5. Enchanted Learning
Offering a few dozen free printable pages and thousands of printable pages, and lesson plans with a paid subscription. I not only subscribe to this site but I encourage anyone wanting to help their children learn on the side or full time do so as well! It is $20.00 per a year and worth every cent!

6. ABC Mouse
Have I mentioned I love this site? I seriously love it! And, so do my children. They play it for hours and have even learned to use a mouse and the arrow keys so they can play it while I'm unavailable to help them. The site features a "learning path" with several hundred lessons. Each child has their own learning path and can continue at their own speed. The site costs $9.95 a month or $79.00 for a year.

7. BrillKids
You can sign up to use Little Reader, Little Math or their newest addition Little Musician, however with out paying for anything you can use the best recourse on their website... the forums! connect with local people, people from around the world and thousands of other parents who are doing their best to teach their children on all levels! The forums are free so go check them out!

8. Family Fun
You can sign up for their magazine for free (for the first 2 years) but their website is just as helpful! Find activities for all ages, you can even search by holiday, season and more! They have activities for everything... this site is promptly bookmarked on every computer in our house. Another totally free site.

9. Family Education 
Another site full of fun! Search by learning activities, holiday fun, age group and more! It's a wonderful resource that is completely free!

10. Scholastics 
If you look on a dozen of your children's books you'll probably find Scholastics name on at least 4 of them! This publisher is also a wonderful resource for free printables that have to do with their books! Have a favorite book? Look for matching printable, and crafts! They have free printables and then some that are only available with a paid subscription. I have not yet paid for this website but I do use the free ones.

11. PBS Kids
Just like Nick Jr. offers crafts, lesson plans, and more all themed after their shows. So does PBS! In fact most networks for children do so if you haven't found your little one's favorite show yet, try looking up the broadcasters webpage.

12. Activity Village
It's pretty much just what it sounds like. An online village of stuff to do with little ones! What could be better than that? This site is slightly more time consuming to learn and navigate but it's worth it.

13. Wonder Time
This site has a lot of family crafts! They have great ideas for party activities, and for daytime activities. Their ideas often have more preparation but are so much fun to do it's worth it! Totally free ideas, very few printables but the step by step instructions are wonderful!

14. Disney's Family Go
Disney is another great resource for party ideas, tv show related printables, a very few actual lesson plans but tons of fun things to keep little ones busy!

15. Cafe Mom 
I don't love this site, actually I find it grueling but I know tones of people who are absolutely head over heals for it! They do have a large selection of ideas to keep toddlers busy. They also have chat boards and rooms if you want to talk to other mom's about what they do!

16. Toddler To Toddler 
This site takes only a few minutes to figure out, however it looks very confusing when you first pull it up. Check out the green bar near the top that outlines specific areas of study, and then you can see all the activities, lesson plans and more that you can use for free!

17. A Day Care
This online day care has all the activities your children would get to do at day care, and allows you to download and use them in the comfort of home! What a great idea I really love this site and it's totally free.

18. Pre-School Express Toddler Station 
This site has thousands of ideas, downloads, pages to print, lessons to teach, and things to go see! It seems like one big page of things to do and can quickly get overwhelming. Their search isn't as good as it could be but the information is worth the sifting!

19. Activity Tree
You can create an account for free here and find local things to do! Type in your address and the age of your children and find classes, activities, free book readings and more! What a wonderful resource! Everyone is always asking me how I knew about these little classes and hidden gems around town well here's my secret!

20. Cool Math 4 Kids
This site will give you a headache the first time you use it, okay just kidding but it looks like a mess. HOWEVER, don't dismiss it! The lessons are so simplified that I learned a few things, they are easy to use, easy to understand and can be taught to any child!

21. Baby Center 
Baby Center offers everything from conception advice and references to countdowns for your expecting babies, and most of all learning activities for your children! They have an entire section for toddlers and sections for each grade! They also offer milestone charts to see how your children are doing.

22. The Kidz Pages
Another overly colorful page with so many links your head wants to spin. However, there are so many things to use here. I often go here to find outdoor activities, printable to go along with the pagan holidays, and alternative religions. They have wonderful printable pages, and amazing lessons you can flip through.

23. Enfamil
Yes even formula companies offer toddler activities! If you have a favorite diaper brand, or formula you used check out their website for continued learning activities they often have fine motor-skill activities and milestone charts!

24. My Daily Moment
I love the ideas on this site to allow your children a fun day while giving yourself a few moments peace and quite. They have wonderful sanity tips that never leave your children bored. It's a wonderful combination of learning and staying ahead!

25. Teach Preschool
Yah for other parents who share their ideas, days, and helpful tips! Not everyone who homeschools for preschool plans to continue to do so, and that's perfectly fine! We still all like to share our ideas for having small ones at home, and even after your children go to school you may find you need a few ideas in reserve for those rainy days!

This site has an outline of what parents should know about teaching their children. They also offer printables, lesson plans, and helpful information about teaching preschool to your children. What they will need to know, what's good to know, and how to help them every step of the way. If you continue homeschooling they even have resources for that!

27. Kids National Geographic
Their website resources are free, helpful, and amazing! Videos, printable, lessons, and more! Plus you can subscribe to their magazine for just $15.00 a year! This is a site I use about once a week to find something useful we can incorporate into our lesson plans. Learning about a specific animal before each trip to the zoo is just one fun thing you can do here.

28. YouTube
Nope I'm not kidding! I have a play list of songs for my kids, but that's hardly the most impressive learning tool on this site. Search things like "where does my food come from" and "explain space to kids" you'll find the most wonderful short videos that explain the most amazing concepts to children!

29. Pinterest 
Here's another wonderful way to find new ideas, printable pages, new blogs, new sites, and new friends! I have found dozens of homeschool blogs, dozens more mother's blogs that share their after school and toddler activities, and thousands of free printable activities!

30. IXL
This site is a subscription site that has the msot wonderful games, printables, and lesson plans on it. I haven't paid for it yet but do use the free samples all the time. This is my next "school" purchase! I am currently paying off a subscription with BrillKids and then will subscribe to IXL.

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