Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sources For Signing (A to Z Challenge)

Want to learn sign language or teach your baby/children? It's not hard actually I've been surprised how easy it is to learn and teach. We aren't currently learning it full time but we do a few signs a week and try to use them regularly. Here are some wonderful sources or learning and teaching sign language!

Free Sources:

American Sign Language ASL For Free
Save yourself on flash cards and books this is easier, and you can watch someone preform the signs!

This site is completely free although they do take donations to pay for the domain and time they spend to keep it updated. I love their baby dictionary with accepted simplified signs.

This site has so many resources on it, along with dictionaries, videos of people performing the signs, and even lesson plans!

Start American Sign Language
FREE ONLINE CLASSES! These are complete classes uploaded to their site you can take for free! Plus lessons about the deaf culture, history and more.

Paid Sources: 

Signing Online 
Complete classes, with over the internet interaction and help. These classes are $$45.95 each and last 4 months. There are 4 beginning classes. I haven't taken them but the reviews were amazing! I believe they still have their demo class up. So check it out.

This site actually has certification courses for those looking to become interpreters, or for nurses, school teachers and more.

Signing Time 
Most of us have heard of or seen clips of signing time. You can invest in their entire program, or buy specific DVD's from their site that would help you and your children. My kids actually really enjoy them! (you can watch segments of the DVDs on YouTube here)

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