Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Produce Games (A to Z Challenge)

Do you remember shopping, especially shopping for produce was fun as a kid? I'm not sure if it's the colors or the idea of getting to weigh them out and punch all the buttons or what exactly makes it so exciting but it is! And, not only is it exciting it's also a great learning tool. Here are our top 3 produce games to play!

1. Playing Grocery Store
We lay out 5-10 bins each with plastic food in them. In one bin we put stickers on all the food that says they are .25 cents, in another they are .10 cents, in another they are .50 cents and so on. With each food item labeled give the children a certain dollar amount to spend and have them come up with 3 different ways to spend it! Monopoly money works great!

2. The Rainbow Of Food
Throw (or gently place) all your plastic food (or real food if you prefer) into one basket. Then lay out 7 other baskets, bags, bins or just use piles. Label your containers or piles red, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, and other. Then have the children sort the food into the appropriate piles!

3. My Favorite Food
You can print pictures of foods, or cut up old magazines but find 20 to 50 pictures for each child, and have them sort through and make a collage of their favorite foods.

4. Knowing Food Groups
Using food pictures, plastic food, or real food put all your "food" into one pile. And have the children sort it into the different food groups. Meat, Diary, Fruit, Vegetables, Grains, etc. How many food groups does each child know?

5. Shopping In Real Time
Give each child a budget and a shopping list. Take them to the grocery store (I recommend doing this one at a time) and help them shop for the items on their list while staying in budget. If they helped make the list they may have to pair back some items. IF you made the list what can you do to stay in budget? Take a calculator with you, and help them factor for tax. (Simplify if needs be for your children, or make it even more complicated by adding the idea of coupons and add matching) what a great math game to see if you can get everything on your list and stay within a certain amount. You can do this all the way through high school.

Pictures coming soon, Blogger is having difficulty uploading pictures for me today. 

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  1. Wonderful ideas - sounds as though you and your family have an active, enjoyed homeschool environment!

    just stopping by via AtoZ blog