Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Jars of Inspiration

Finding a way to stay inspired is a big part of staying on task, motivated, and dedicated. So make sure you make school fun for you too. Not just for the kids. One way I've found for myself to do this is to come up with projects I want to do with the kids. And, then make inspiration jars with projects in certain subjects.

For example your math project jar could be nothing more than a mason jar filled with 1" or larger buttons with scrap paper cut out in the shape of the buttons and ideas such as "go for a walk and count the cement squares" written on them. Whatever would give you a break and help you feel like you're still keeping up with your job as mom (dad/grandma/grandpa/aunt/etc) and teacher. Reward yourself when you need a break you're doing great do something fun this afternoon!

You can use pop-cycle sticks and write on them, put them in a mason jar and pull one out. Or strips of paper in a jar work as well. Keep a book of ideas on your desk if that works better for you just find a system of easy to use motivators.

Other great jars ideas are: 

English - activities like, find your favorite book, tell me why it's your favorite book. Let's make popcorn and read it.

History - activities such as: let me tell you a story you might not know about your grandfather. .

And don't forget the "mom needs a break jar" this really is important even teachers have their off days where nothing's getting done allow yourself to go in a less structured direction every once in while and you'll save your sanity.

Make sure to make your jars personal as in what you'd like to do not what you 'should' do. Come up with activities that actually get you excited about doing something, rather they are 'learning to wash dishes' or 'going on a walk', 'taking the kids to the zoo', 'we're going to take a nap time now', or 'building a robot out of legos' whatever you do, remember you started this because it excited you too... so make sure you don't loose that spark.

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  1. Stopping in from the A to Z Challenge to say hello! These are great ideas! We don;t home school but often discuss the idea.