Monday, April 9, 2012

Homework Game (A To Z Challenge)

The word homework seems to strike fear into most of us. But our kids don't necessarily see it that way. It's a learned reaction. So make homework a game, and change the perception of the term. Need some help figuring out how?

Use The Map's 3 Step Program
Have you seen Dora? If you do you know the map in that show hates kids. No seriously think about it. There's rubber ducky pond and the alligator pond. Guess which ones they kids have to walk by? there's butterfly path and black bear path... which ones do you think the kids have to walk down? However, as vindictive as the map can be you have to recognize it's three step program is ingenious. First we're going to do this, then this, then this. The end step is always exciting! Which makes the other two easier to do. Use this idea for homework. Make the end project (or every 3-4th project) something you know you're children will want to do.

First we're going to eat breakfast, then do reading rug time, then finger paint. Ask the kids to repeat it back to you. Breakfast, Reading Rug, Finger Paint! Breakfast, Reading Rub, Finger Paint! Then you can start over. Now we're going to have lunch, take a nap time, and then do math practice with jelly beans. Have the kids repeat it back again so they can get excited. It empowers them they know what to expect and gives them a structured day in a way they can understand.

Lunch, Nap, Jellybean Math.... Lunch, Nap, Jellybean Math.... what are we doing? Lunch, Nap, Jellybean Math. This makes rest time easier, and turns math into the exciting treat! Way to turn a scary word into the reward for making it through nap time. :)

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  1. Interesting. My kids are older, so we virtual school. Love having them at home!

    Kelly Stilwell (in progress!)