Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ferb I Know What We're Going To Do Today (A To Z Challenge)

My family and I are obsessed with Phineas and Ferb (or Ferb & Phineas) in fact we've come up with some very educational games to get our summer time fix!

If you aren't sure what you're going to do today check out these 5 fabulous ideas! And, don't worry Perry is around here somewhere. (PS Also check out Disney's on the Go site full of games, and printable all centered around this creative TV show).

Ferb I know What We're Going To Do Today #1: 
Fill a water balloon with 3-5 tiny treasures all in one theme. Repeat with enough balloons for each children. For instance I put 1" dinosaur toys in one water balloon and an eye patch gold coins and wooden peg in another. Fill the balloons with water and freeze them. Then cut the balloon off the frozen ice and give your kids each a spoon. Today we're digging for burred treasure!

Ferb I know What We're Going To Do Today #2:
Grab a packet of cheep locks from the hardware store (they come in a dozen or 14 locks) these pad locks each have their own set of keys and aren't interchangeable. Open up the pad locks and hook a tiny bag of treats to each lock and close it so the bags are stock in the locks. Then throw all the keys in a big bowl or bag, and have the kids sort them out to find which set goes to which lock. Great fine motor skills, and your children will have to figure out a way to keep the keys from getting mixed back in (it may take them a few minutes to realize that's part of the game)... even better tell them it's a detective game and they get to eat or share the treats when they get them off but NO CHEATING!

Ferb I know What We're Going To Do Today #3:
Give your kids free range of the blanket closet, tables and chairs. Tell them to go crazy building a fort in the front room... BUT make sure they know to build a school room! We're doing flash light homework today! Let the kids to all their activity sheets, and other homework ina  fort... Want to make it even more fun? Make their entire days worth of work sheets centered around camping, or 3rd world countries where they live in tents!

Ferb I know What We're Going To Do Today #4:
Retro cartoon day at school! Remember some of your favorite cartoons from your childhood? Well pull them out and have the kids watch them. But give them each a sheet of paper that says "10 Words I Don't Understand" at the top and have them write down 10 references, words or phrases they don't understand. Duck Tails, Tail Spin, Darkwing Duck just to name a few. What a fun flash back day for you and a real history lesson for the kids.

Ferb I know What We're Going To Do Today #5:
Hardware store Saturday! Have you ever taken your kids to the free classes at Home Depot or Lowes? They are a blast! Once a month or so each hardware store offers free classes for kids in building and construction. They have things like go-cart building, bird houses and more. Check your local listings here for times and dates: Home Depot and Lowes


  1. I'm out of it... don't know who these characters are. But I like your ideas. I'm trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge Blogs this month.

  2. Hi, I have two granddaughters who do homeschooling with their children. I will refer your blog to them. It has some wonderful ideas on it. thank you. Now I gotta go. Blog-hopping you know. Best regards to you. Ruby

  3. Ha. 'Ferb'. I must remember this word.