Thursday, April 5, 2012

Egg'tastic Math (A to Z Challenge)

Those plastic Easter Eggs that your kids will get this weekend? Don't throw them out!!! Instead here are 3 fabulous math games you can do with them instead!

1. Matching Numbers and Symbols
You'll want 10 to 20 eggs for this depending on how high you want to go. On one half of the egg write the numeral 1 on the other half of the egg put one dot. Continue to do this for each number you'd like to represent. Then take all the eggs apart and throw them in a bag or box and have the kids sort them back out putting the matching halves together! AWESOME matching exercise. MIX IT UP: don't use the same color top and bottom to the egg.

2. Adding & Subtracting The Contents
I used a dozen eggs for this. I put an addition sign on one, a subtraction sign on one, and a equals to sign on one. Then with nine eggs left I put the numbers 1 through 9 on the outside of them. You can use stickers or markers to do this. Then put the matching number of gummy snacks, m & ms, Jelly beans etc. inside. So if there is a 3 on the outside there should be 3 edible snacks on the inside. Then have the kids add or subtract the eggs. See if they can do it with out opening the eggs. If they are too young or are having problems allow them to open the eggs and count the snacks. In our house we allow them to eat the snacks if they can do it with out opening the eggs and they have to return them and re-use the counters if they do not get the correct answer with out opening the egg. I usually give them their regular sheet of math questions and add the eggs in as a visual but you could easily substitute the eggs for the math sheet.

3. A Dozen Math Facts Toddlers Can Understand
Save a left over egg carton for this one. You'll want 12 random plastic eggs and the stickers or a marker to mark each egg 1 through 12. Have the children pick a number and do the math exercise inside! MIX IT UP: Only use the numbers 1 through 4 but use them on different color eggs so when choosing an egg they need  both the number and color. For instance 3 blue.

Fun facts and activities to consider including in your eggs:
1. Count to 20  2. Count by 2s to 10  3. Jump 9 times.  4. Count the toes on your right foot. Count the toes on your left foot. Add them together.  5. Count how many people are in your family.  6. Find 3 triangles and 3 squares. How many total items did you find? How many shapes did you find?  7. Count backwards from 10 to 1.  8. Sing Head-Shoulders-Knees and Toes. Now sing it really slow. How many body parts do you point to in this song?  9.  Skip 6 times.  10. Find 3 blue items and 4 red items. How many colors did you find? How many items did you find?  11. If you're happy and you know it clap your hands 13 times. 12.  Count the yellow eggs, count the purple eggs, count the green eggs etc. How many of each are there? Write down your answers. MIX IT UP: Make custom slips to put in the eggs that can help your child work on problem areas in math for them.

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  1. what a great way to teach math to kids. I love those painted eggs,too.
    Great A-Z post!