Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Drawing For Life (A to Z Challenge)

Coloring books are great but nothing replaces a white pad of paper and a crayon when you want your children to be able to express themselves. Allowing them to express how they are feeling, what they understand and who they are is an invaluable skill.

Not sure where to get started drawing or what to tell your kids to get them to get started? Here are 5 fun drawing practices that are inexpensive, easy to do, and are simply fun!

1. Feeling Better?
We do this when we're having bad mornings. When you wake up and 2 kids are crying, and the toast is burnt, and it's raining on the one night you forgot to close the garage... STOP sit down and grab some crayons. Have each child (you can too) sketch a quick picture (set a timer in you're in a hurry) of something that makes you happy! Then hang them up! Feel better? This almost always turns the day around at our house. Children from 18 months to 18 years (or older) can do this activity when it's just not going as planned.

2. What's Wrong?
Just like above but on the flip side, having a day when everything makes you burst into tears? Okay maybe not you but maybe your kids do. we've had days were nothing was making us happy before. Homework wasn't getting done, naps were a disaster, and having friends over was out of the question. Give your child a chance to express what's wrong through art. Painting, drawing, and play dough are all options. Maybe they will show you something that hurts, a gimps of a bad dream, or maybe they don't have a clue what's wrong but the quite time may help and they won't feel their being punished for having a rough day by getting to do something fun.

3. All About Me
Give each child a random subject about themselves and have them draw that. Such as "My family", "My Room" and "My Pet" don't have enough ideas? Try this list of 101 ideas to draw about me! Specially made just for this post :) Or you can write ideas on Popsicle sticks and put them in a mason jar making a drawing jar!

4. My Wish List
Here's a really fun idea. For birthdays, and holidays instead of allowing kids to just make a list of things they want. Have them draw pictures representing what they want. This gives them a chance to reflect on why  they want certain items.

5. What Did I Do? 
Time out happens. We all get a little upset from time to time or act with out thinking. Time out isn't the end of the world. But simply sitting for 3 minutes just gives the problem time to fester especially if the child still feels they were not in the wrong. During time out, or after, have them draw a picture of what happened in their minds. How were their actions wrong? Or was there some justification for the incident?

6. Look What I Learned
Here's another great idea. Have the kids draw a picture to show everything they learned that day. These pictures act as a summery. They can keep them in a binder for the entire month and show all the things they learned.

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  1. I love drawing - and this kind of makes me think of art therapy in a way. Great post and happy A-Z blogging.
    P.S. LOVE the title of your blog. It's a pirate's life for me.