Tuesday, April 3, 2012

30 Activities For Kids To Do This Summer - Plus Clip Art

An Instant Minute, In A Bag

Purchase the Clip Art For This Project Here. 

Give your kids something to do! Here is a great project... actually here are 30 of them! Purchase the clip art for this on Etsy here for just $6.00. After you print it cut it apart and put the words on the back to each activity. Then you can laminate them and put them in a bag. 

Armed with an activity bag every time you "just need a minute" to finish a project this summer, grab your activity bag and randomly pull a card! You have an instant "minute" while your child has something to occupy their time, and mind! 

1. Read A Book 
2. Draw A Picture
3. Sing The ABC's Song
4. Find A Toy 
5. Make A Snack
6. Do A Puzzle
7. Look At Pictures
8. Sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
9. Listen To My Music
10. Be An Airplane
11. Hug Someone
12. Pretend You Are A Bird
13. Sign The ABC's
14. Pretend You Are A Fish
15. Find 3 Triangles
16. Find 3 Squares
17. Find 3 Circles 
18. Find Something Red
19. Find Something Blue
20. Find Something White
21. Draw Something That is Green
22. Be A Pretend Monster
23. Find A Hiding Spot
24. Clean Up Your Toys
25. Take Pretend Pictures 
26. Go On A Walk 
27. Be A Pretend Dinosaur
28. Find Pretend Treasure
29. Do A House Chore
30. Think Of Something You Are Thankful For

Another fun teaching tool, that may give mom the 2 minutes she needs to finish dinner. Thank you to Lori for the beautiful art work! This art work was specially designed for Pirate School. 


  1. Thanks Adrienne! Everyone, use PIRATE1 for an extra 15% off when you purchase this clip art set!

  2. What a great idea! Toddlers are hard to keep busy.