Thursday, February 9, 2012

Memory Game 2 (using sound)

This inexpensive memory game uses multiple skills to find the matches! First you have to remember where each sound is, and second you have to be able to deduce two sounds are the same. I used simple gift boxes from all a-dollar (there were 20 boxes in a single back) to make this. The other items you may want are items like beans, nails, bricks, rocks, paper-clips etc. Make 12 boxes (6 pair) and then set the game out just like any other memory game!

1. Find cups, or boxes you can not see threw that close (cups with lids, gift boxes etc.)

2. Fill 6 pair of boxes with 6 different items that will have distinctly different sounds.

3. Put a sticker or mark on the bottom of each box or cup so that you can verify the sounds match, after the child picks out sets.

4. Mix up the sets and lay them all sticker side down. Then play! Have fun!

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