Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Memory Game 1 (Made with soda-pop bottle caps)

Here is an easy inexpensive game you can make with soda-bottle caps and stickers. Use this idea ot make themed memory games for various lesson plans, or just make a great memory game for your children that costs less than $2.00 to make (if you already drink soda or have friends who do).

 1. Gather a dozen soda-pop bottle caps. It is best to have all the same type (so children don't outsmart us and memorize the cap colors).

Pepsi Bottle Caps Donated By My Grandmother 

2. Purchase a sheet or packet of stickers that has at least 6 different styles but also has at least 2 of each of the 6 styles. This is so you have 6 caps sets that match for the children to pair up. 

3. Adhere the stickers to the inside of the bottle cap. So that each sticker is reveled when the cap is turned upright. 

4. When all the stickers are adhered, double check to make sure you have an even number of pairs. 

Enjoy your new memory game! Remember you can take the stickers off and re-do this game at any time to match lesson plans, holidays etc! What a great way to work on memory games! 

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