Saturday, January 21, 2012

C is For Coin - Week in Review

This week started out a little bumpy as Monday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which means Josh (my husband) was off work. So instead of getting to wake up make breakfast and jump into school, we went thrift store hopping, painted the girl's room, hung up curtains, and repaired some holes in the walls (we just moved into our first home, and there's still a lot of work to be done).

We practiced lacing our flash card words as another
way to view sight words. 

Which meant we our entire Monday! And, set us back for Tuesday as well. I felt scattered trying to gather everything, it just threw off my groove. In any case we finished Tuesday and actually made good progress! We just finished 2 hours later than normal. Wednesday was right back on track and both girls were thrilled with their homework projects!

Inara Playing Toddler Time in ABC Mouse

Sorting coins, learning about coins, and doing everything letter C was a huge hit! They earned tons of coins this week helping around the house! Evie bought a stuffed Lighting McQueen pillow and Inara has yet to find something she has just fallen in love with, although she loves to carry around her piggy banks as if she's ready to pounce on something as soon as she finds the "right thing"!

Sorting coins by types! 
They both had a slow start to sorting by types of coins, but once they caught on they definitely got it! I even took some video of their adorable sorting Pirate Treasure worksheets! It was a very fun project, I can definitely see us doing lots more sorting projects in the near future!

Evie sorting coins by type. 
After Thursday the girls were just on a high with homework! We played extra games on Thursday and on Friday finished early enough that we actually caught up on all of Monday's homework minus the coin sticks! So the only thing we ended up missing was the coin sticks out of the entire week!

Both Evie and Inara are getting so much better at sign language I'm so proud of them! They learned all their signs this week and remembered most of the ones we've done in weeks prior there were only a few they missed.

Evie was actually reading words I had no clue she knew out of her pre-reader books, such as cat, hat, etc. We've gone over them but this was the first week she's just read them to me in a book form! VERY VERY PROUD of that girl! She's learning so quickly!

Inara amazed us all by counting objects on Friday. She was pointing to items and counting them. She missed one but got 2, 3, 4, and then 6. It was wonderful! The progress this week gave me so much motivation to do more and more and more with them! And, starting on Monday we're switching from using Disney Digital Books to Loony Toons Reading program.The online books are fun, but not as effective as actual books, and the Loony Toons are something my girls are just starting to enjoy watching on TV (thank their dad for that one, lol).

We've also entered to do the April A to Z Blog Challenge. So April we'll be doing our regular homework plus a project that starts with A through Z once a day for 26 days! Watch for those posts through out April the extra challenge will be fun.

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