Saturday, January 21, 2012

B is For Beads - Week In Review

This week went much smoother than last! But then again it wasn't the first week of the school year right? The girls accomplished nearly all their homework each day! We painted instead of colored on Monday, and they loved gluing glitter onto their paper bead after they were finished.

The paper beads the girls made.
We put them on  yarn for necklaces. 

We substituted playing ball games with baking because they both wanted to play with the Easy Bake Oven after dinner one night. They girls made smores and enjoyed every minute of it. They also enjoyed that fact that since it was their baking project they got to snitch! After we baked our smores we read books and ate them on the reading rug.

Easy-Bake Oven Cook-off. 

Evie still had a hard time with the amount of flash cards. We broken them into 3 groups and she did very well with the smaller amount. Inara even started "guessing" as she wasn't reading them but she would say words in the stack when you showed her a flash card. We've decided to cut down the amount of site words we're doing in flash card by half. I'm going to do half the site words in flash cards, and half as posters on the wall.

Doing some of our work sheets in paint
just to mix it up. 

Inara amazed me this week when she started saying the number of objects on BrillKid Math along with the woman who states the number of objects before the screen flashes. I've never seen her do that before.

Adding glitter to our paper beads. 

Evie blew us all away when she started tracing the letter 'b's by herself and doing a perfect job! We've worked on tracing for a long time but this is the first week she's been able to do it all by herself, and she kept her form perfectly! 

With both girls making progress I am so excited to continue on our learning path. We are adding a new program during D week. It is the Loony Toons Reading Program. I'll keep you updated as to how it's going. My girls prefer real books over the Disney Digital Books, so we are cutting that out, and adding the Loony Toons Reading program. We'll see how it goes. I feel like this year instead of running around like a chicken with it's head detached I am actually refining our learning path and getting a steady amount of progress done! We finished all projects this week (with the exception of the one substitution). I am trilled with the progress defiantly an A + week! 

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