Friday, July 22, 2011

Lesson Plan - Rock Week

Here is our weekly Lesson Plan for Rock Week. Feel free to copy and modify this to fit your teaching style, and level!

Reading Time: Everybody Needs a Rock I fell in love with this book after I got it for this weeks lesson, I would highly recommend it to anyone with kids who pick up rocks!
Signing Time: Learn the sign Rock and combine it with the color signs the girls already know. We will do drills by showing them a 'red' 'rock' and combining the signs. Same with other colors like yellow, green, blue, gray, orange, etc.
Outside Adventure: We are going to take the girls on a hike up the canyon near our home to look for rocks of their own. You could do this in a park, gravel parking lot (think safety), or just your flower beds at home!
Arts & Crafts: Draw pictures of the rocks you found! This is great artistic thinking gas well as hand-eye coordination for children our age (1.5 and 2.5). I will try to post pictures of what they draw! 
Math Practice: Counting tumbled/polished stones! I purchased 40 stones from Erockshop (10 in each of 4 colors) we can practice counting the colors, all of them, etc.
Music Time: I put together a YouTube play list of fun and silly rock songs! We can listen to these and learn the words! I will be working on refining and adding to this list over the weekend.


Regular Homework 

Reading Time: Dave's Down To Earth Rock Shop This actually talks about the types of rocks and how they are formed. 
Signing Time: Learn signs for how rocks feel, and combine the 'rock' sign with signs like 'smooth', 'rough', and 'bumpy' to describe our rocks. 
Outside Adventure: Throwing Rocks (yes we'll be safe) I am going to set up a few targets and let them go to town trying to get their pebbles (gravel, not the polished stones) into the buckets to score points! 
Arts & Crafts: We are going to cut out and make our own crystal shapes from construction paper! 
Math Practice: Pattern practice! We will make patterns using the different colored stones. 
Music Time: We will be putting the rocks we collected on our outdoor adventure Monday in cans, buckets, cardboard containers etc to see how they sound. 

Regular Homework

Reading Time: Julie The Rockhound. This actually talks about the types of rocks and how they are formed. 
Signing Time: Review of all the signs we've practiced this week. Signing drills.
Outside Adventure: Return our rocks from our nature hike on Monday back to nature. 
Arts & Crafts: Build Play-Dough rocks from clay! 
Math Practice: Sorting Practice: dump all the tumbled stones into a pile and allow each girl a turn to sort them out by color. Evie can do this timed for an even funner experience and Inara may need help, but is getting fairly good at sorting colors. 
Music Time: Re-watch YouTube play list.  

We are planning this criteria as an 'in addition to' or 'to go along with' not a "in replacement of" our daily routine. 

Here is a picture of the tumbled stones we got: 

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