Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Making Flowers for Hair Bands, Dresses, Mother's Day & More!

You know all those cute flowers you see in little girl's hair? Sewn onto prom dresses, and attached to candles etc? These flowers not only make cute decorations for a variety of items, but they are also a very interactive way to do color drills with toddlers! After getting all the pieces gathered up my 2 year old would sign and say which colors she wanted layered next. When they were all done she'd sign all the colors in each flower. Great way to get them to WANT to practice signing and colors. Also a creative way to introduce flower types, and a fun art project all rolled into one! Here's how to make them. 

Step #1: Take Ordinary Flowers From Your Dollar Store or Craft Store
 (Even Wal-Mart, and Target Carry These)
I used a 40% off coupon at Michaels, and then bought 3 other bunches that were on sale. 

Step #2: Slip The Flower Heads Off The Stems. 
Most Flower Heads Are Just Loosely Put On The Stems. 

Step #3: Pull the Back "stopper" Off. 

Step #4: Once The Stopper Is Pulled 
Off The Petals Will Easily Fall Off. 

Step #5: The Middle Piece Will Pull Right Out 
Once The Back Stopper Has Been Removed. 

Step #6: Separate All The Pieces and Petals

(Example of what you should have) 

Make Sure You Have Rhinestones or Other Center
Pieces For Your Finished Flowers. The 
Original Center pieces will work if you cut the 
"stem" off of the. 

Step #7: Pick Out Various Petals To Re-assemble. 

Step #8: Start With What Will Be The Bottom 
Petal and Glue The Centers of Each Petal 
On Top of the Next One. 

Step #9: Layer Each Petal As Desired

Step #10: Add A Rhinestone Or Trim The Original 
Center Piece to Finish the Flowers. 

You Can Use The Flowers For A Huge Variety of Projects Such As: 
- Hair Bows
- Candle Decorating
- Skirts and Dresses
- Wreaths 
- Do them to match holidays for cute table decorations 
(IE: red, white and blue for Memorial Day Dinners)

If you want some cute ideas to brows though check out the numerous collections that appear on Totsy

Totsy is one of my favorite website for purchasing and idea shopping! 

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