Wednesday, June 15, 2011

History Starts With Me!

Where does history start when you're 2? It starts with YOU! In fact everything starts with you! Children can not think outside themselves for the first few years of life! They say "I love you!" because it makes you happy and that makes them happy, but even that ties back to them.

So if you want to start learning history now... here's an easy cheap and entertaining idea...

Make Flash Cards with pictures of them from all ages since birth and say "who is this" at first they may not believe you, but learning how different they are will help recognize patterns in time... weird eh? It's so cool to watch kids start understanding concepts way beyond their age!

Things a 2-3 year old can easily learn about history:
- What's mom's "other" name?
- What's dad's "other" name? (by saying "other" you let them know you still want to be called mom/dad, but that people can be known by more then one thing... another interesting concept for little ones.)
- What is my name? What is your name?
- How old are you?
- What is grandma/grandpa's "other" name(s)?

That simple knowledge can turn into so many more advanced question! But history as everything else... starts with me.

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