Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Little Gym - Intro

 When I told my in-laws that I was putting our children in gymnastics class at 6 months old I thought for sure they were going to choke on their dinner. "What does a 6 month old do in gym class?" people would gawk. Nearly a year later I'm here to report a 6 month old will amaze you in gym class! A 2.5 year old will blow your mind! Our 1 year old, crawled for the first time just a few days after her first lesson there, where she saw other kids crawling. Our now 2 year old, did her first hand stand, her first summersalt, and her first cartwheel in class. She made her first friend, learned how to share, and can now "dunk a basket ball like a pro". There is no greater reward as a parent then to see your kids succeed, and as a child to accomplish something you see other people do is reward in and of it's self! Evie our 2 year old now uses a trampoline to do back flips! Wow! What an adventure for her. She's comfortable on kiddy rides which thrills my husband because he can't wait to take her to a theme park this summer. Our 1 year old is having fun learning to walk, run, and "hop". They both have learned a huge variety of songs, dance moves (which is adorable to watch) and are growing closer to their instructors and friends from The Little Gym. There are a few hundred of these gymnastics places across america so look one up and enjoy a free introductory class. Even if your first thought is "what in the world would a child do in a gymnastics class at this age" the answers will surprise you!

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