Tuesday, May 31, 2011

June Brings Lists Of What To-Do

Starting this afternoon here are a few blogs that will be coming up!
*Another 3000 free online books! (part 2 with over 3000 MORE downloadable, readable, and playable books online!)
*101 Ideas on How to make up report cards, present them, and use them to keep your toddlers/babies, and kids stay on track.
*What fun things you can do this summer to help kids retain what they've been learning, and continue learning.
*Counting past 10? 101 great ideas to jump over this hurdle.
*Using potty training to teach reading, math, and other skills?
*101 ways to turn your back yard into a class room.
*101 ways to turn meal time into math time.
*101 Move Your Body MOVES
*101 Patter skill development ideas
*101 facts about history toddlers should know (and can learn)
*101 facts about animals toddlers should know (and can learn)
*1500 books in 365 days? Keep up with us and keep reading!

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