Tuesday, May 17, 2011

1500 Book Challenge Update #4

We have hit 150 books (we're actually on 154), and I finally broke down and invested in the Disney Digital Book Club!
It cost $8.95 a month but they have over 600 books they advertise and when I spoke with a customer representative they said they have actually added nearly 300 books and plan to add more all summer long!
Books are categorized by level of reading, the show, movie or character  they are based on and/or if they are "read to me books".
Read to me books will start playing automatically and a pre-recorded version of the book is read to your child. The pages turn with the story, and each word is highlighted as it is read (I actually think this is helping our 2 year old learn a lot about how books are read because she now follows along when I read to her with her finger!). In any case I figured that paying the monthly fee (there is no contract it can be canceled at any time) is about the same as purchasing 1 book a month. And, what I love about it is that while I'm doing ASL practice with our 1 year old, the 2 year old can be sitting down to a read to me book, and we are all perfectly content! Check the Disney Digital Club out here, or go to http://disneydigitalbooks.go.com  And, happy readings!

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