Tuesday, May 31, 2011

June Brings Lists Of What To-Do

Starting this afternoon here are a few blogs that will be coming up!
*Another 3000 free online books! (part 2 with over 3000 MORE downloadable, readable, and playable books online!)
*101 Ideas on How to make up report cards, present them, and use them to keep your toddlers/babies, and kids stay on track.
*What fun things you can do this summer to help kids retain what they've been learning, and continue learning.
*Counting past 10? 101 great ideas to jump over this hurdle.
*Using potty training to teach reading, math, and other skills?
*101 ways to turn your back yard into a class room.
*101 ways to turn meal time into math time.
*101 Move Your Body MOVES
*101 Patter skill development ideas
*101 facts about history toddlers should know (and can learn)
*101 facts about animals toddlers should know (and can learn)
*1500 books in 365 days? Keep up with us and keep reading!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Earn Free Children's Books from Barns & Noble!

Since you're spending time reading to your kiddos everyday (or having them read to you) you may as well take advantage of this free offer from Barns & Noble! When you read 8 books and record them in the downloadable journal. After you fill out the title, author, and recommendations for each book, take your little journal to a Barns and Noble to select your free book from the list! :)

So GO HERE, download, print and get recording! Who can't use a free book? Thanks Barns & Noble for the awesome summer deal! This deal expires September 6th at the close of business, or when supplies are gone. So don't wait too long!

The Little Gym - Intro

 When I told my in-laws that I was putting our children in gymnastics class at 6 months old I thought for sure they were going to choke on their dinner. "What does a 6 month old do in gym class?" people would gawk. Nearly a year later I'm here to report a 6 month old will amaze you in gym class! A 2.5 year old will blow your mind! Our 1 year old, crawled for the first time just a few days after her first lesson there, where she saw other kids crawling. Our now 2 year old, did her first hand stand, her first summersalt, and her first cartwheel in class. She made her first friend, learned how to share, and can now "dunk a basket ball like a pro". There is no greater reward as a parent then to see your kids succeed, and as a child to accomplish something you see other people do is reward in and of it's self! Evie our 2 year old now uses a trampoline to do back flips! Wow! What an adventure for her. She's comfortable on kiddy rides which thrills my husband because he can't wait to take her to a theme park this summer. Our 1 year old is having fun learning to walk, run, and "hop". They both have learned a huge variety of songs, dance moves (which is adorable to watch) and are growing closer to their instructors and friends from The Little Gym. There are a few hundred of these gymnastics places across america so look one up and enjoy a free introductory class. Even if your first thought is "what in the world would a child do in a gymnastics class at this age" the answers will surprise you!

New Ideas For The Month Of May

I am creating a few "lists" of ideas for the month of May! Stay tuned for lots of new and exciting things we are doing with the kids this summer :) I love summer, how about you?

1500 Book Challenge Update #4

We have hit 150 books (we're actually on 154), and I finally broke down and invested in the Disney Digital Book Club!
It cost $8.95 a month but they have over 600 books they advertise and when I spoke with a customer representative they said they have actually added nearly 300 books and plan to add more all summer long!
Books are categorized by level of reading, the show, movie or character  they are based on and/or if they are "read to me books".
Read to me books will start playing automatically and a pre-recorded version of the book is read to your child. The pages turn with the story, and each word is highlighted as it is read (I actually think this is helping our 2 year old learn a lot about how books are read because she now follows along when I read to her with her finger!). In any case I figured that paying the monthly fee (there is no contract it can be canceled at any time) is about the same as purchasing 1 book a month. And, what I love about it is that while I'm doing ASL practice with our 1 year old, the 2 year old can be sitting down to a read to me book, and we are all perfectly content! Check the Disney Digital Club out here, or go to http://disneydigitalbooks.go.com  And, happy readings!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

1500 Book Challenge Update #3

~ We Are on Book 101~                                                               

For the past 3.5 weeks my girls and I have been reading like crazy! At first I wondered if we had gotten ourselves in over our heads. However, the past few days the transformation has been amazing! We went from struggling to get 10 books a day read, to reading 13 or more with out any effort. The girls bring me books, ask to read them online, and even get their aunts, uncles, grandfather, dad, anyone... who will read to them to do so! I am making a small list of RULES that have applied to us when starting a book challenge such as this. 

The first rule is: Do not try to read the largest, fanciest, most classic, or the most intellectual books you can find. Read books that are suitable for your children, their age, attention span etc. If those are "Where's Spot" and "Spot at the Circus" style books GO FOR IT! I have found that when we read smaller more interactive books we will read for twice as long as if we try to read even one larger book.