Friday, April 15, 2011

1500 Book Challenge

I have several home-school mother's now who have told me I have to get in on this... so here we are. Between now and December 31st, 2011 we are going to read 1500 unique books... what??? It's a good thing we have so many available to us for free online!

Book #1 - If You're Happy And You Know It by: Lindsey Gardiner

This is one of Evie and Inara's favorite books. I really want to have the last page framed for them. It's a beautiful message not only about being happy but also about being able to express yourself.
I hope you all get the opportunity to read it for yourself! It's worth a trip to the library. I have to admit the first time I read it I kept getting frustrated I couldn't sing it, after about the 5th time I realized you absolutely can sing it! You just have to sing the part about what the animals say too... Try it... you'll get it!

Okay there is our first entry into our 1500 book challenge. Look tomorrow for a 1500 book challenge give-away. Take the challenge and you could win! The more people we get doing this, not only will we together be helping children develop a love for reading, and learning but we'll be creating a bond for life with our children that is irreplaceable!

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