Thursday, April 21, 2011

1500 Book Challenge Update

How many of you are taking the 1500 book challenge with your kids? If you start today you can still do it! You'll have to read an average of 7.4 books a day until the end of the year? Sounds impossible? IT'S NOT!

Check out the Free E-Books or Online Books post for over 3000 books! You can read! When the power went out for about 5 hours today, my kids and I sat on the floor with a bag of tortilla chips and read over a dozen books! I'll be posting a list of the titles we've read this week since pledging to participate in the challenge. If you're participating pledge your family in a comment below! 

Here's one of my families favorite reads to get you started: 
Llama Llama Red Pajama. Where little llama goes to bed, but needs a drink. Mommy Llama is busy doing house chores and baby llama starts to worry she's left him forever! It's an adorable story about patients on both sides of this all too familiar after bed time scenario. And, ends with a beautiful illustration of love! This book is not just one of my daughter's favorites it's also a story that showed me "the other side" of bed time tantrums and helped us both cope! If you don't have this one in your library it's worth investing in a hard copy to keep on your kitchen counter to serve as a reminder of bed time love! 

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