Friday, April 29, 2011

1500 Book Challenge Update #2

I thought I was doing pretty well reading 7 books a day to the girls.... and then... the power went out last Tuesday. So with the power out and no car to leave the house (my husband had taken the car for the day), we read... and read and read and read.

We read over 20 books, and my voice could hardly keep going but both girls were geared up for an entire day of sitting in the reading chair with dry cereal and read all day. I loved the Dino Pals series we read and Evie knew quite a few of the words in the books so that was a lot of fun. Our favorite books were:

Disney's Tangled!
This is Evie's (My 2.5 year old daughter) favorite movie at the moment, and reading the 63 page book (it took us awhile to get though it), was just as good if not better then watching the movie. She would tell me what was about to happen, and giggled at the adorable pictures. I found out you can actually enjoy this book for free online! Go here and sign up for a Disney account: DISNEY DIGITAL BOOKS  although the membership costs money the free account will allow you to read a few dozen books including Tangled! We have loved our free account, I think sometime this year I may pay for a full account.

Other books we've really enjoyed is the baby manners series. Evie will go around saying "We say please" and "we say thank you" she has even started saying "bless you" when someone sneezes (with hay fever season around the corner, I'm glad she's so polite.)

Total books read to date (our tally started on April 15th) = 62 so far not bad, but not great either... we'll be kicking it up this next week to catch up and get on track for 1500 books this year! How is everyone else fairing out there?

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