Sunday, March 13, 2011

Take Joy In Other Parents

I will full heartily admit that after having so many people tell me I was screwing up before my kids were even born (because we decided to have our children at home) that by the time my kids got here I wanted to have NOTHING to do with other parents and their advice.
The entire first year of my oldest daughter's life I shut out the idea of accepting advice. I just didn't want it. I was determined to do this on my own. I thought to myself "If no one else can support me, then they can't give me advice".

I started looking online at blogs of other mother's who had natural births. They had a lot of my same ideas... and it was relieving to feel "normal" again. So I connected with a few of them. I decided that maybe no all parents were my enemy! Then I discovered something even more magical. Just because you don't agree with someone or they don't agree with you about any one particular subject or maybe even 90% of your parenting styles, doesn't mean that by having kids they don't know a thing or two!
So I started listening to all parents, and taking the little bits here and there that called to me, or that seemed helpful atm and I realized... parents are awesome! We're all a little different and we all have something in common... we're still learning as we go.
Take a moment to smile about some of the parents who have helped you along the way and if you're like me open up a little. No one is going to take your kids from you just because your parenting style is different.

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