Monday, March 14, 2011

Over 3000 Free Coloring Pages - Just Print and Go

Coloring books are becoming more and more difficult to find, and even when you do half the pages are anything your children are interested in. Then after a week they're ripped, torn, and looking fairly... well like the dog ate them.

Instead I've found it's less expensive, and more efficient to just print a coloring page when I need it. In addition you can print a page that has to do with your daily lesson, family home evening,  their favorite TV show, current interest, or something they have recently learned! 

Here's where you can find over 3000 of these easy to print coloring pages. 

This site sorts their coloring pages and activity pages several ways, including topic, and teaching strategies. 

You'll find all of your lovable Sesame Street Characters as well as some number and letter activity pages! 

This site will have exactly what you need for every "baby" and "toddler" lesson! Including colors, seasons, shapes, words etc! Great site! 

Not as easy to navigate but they have TONS of fun stuff! Including coloring sheets for older children, on topics like Bird species, cat breads, cow boys, dog breads, fish, mid evil and more! 

This site has some pop ups which drive me crazy, aside from that their alphabet coloring pages are awesome! They have tons of learning coloring pages but no character ones. 

Exactly what it sounds like. It's like a big printable coloring book! You can print just one page at a time though... which is good because they have a lot! My favorites are the "Food" and "Holiday" pages they have!

Check out their "bible" coloring section if nothing else! 

This site is somewhat tricky to navigate at first so I put the link directly to my favorite page... learning time coloring sheets! AWESOME! They have lots of good stuff though so take the time to look around.

Coloring-Book .info
This site along has more then 5000 pages to print. I am not sure I could name a children's movie they don't have coloring pages for!

Free Coloring
These aren't just your baby coloring pages! They have some incredible detail and pages even I like to color! Marvel, Kung Fu Panda, Dragons etc. If you are stressed consider printing one off for yourself! And for parents with little kids this site offers a bunch of  LITTLE EINSTEIN

Color Me
Check out their Countries and Cultures sections!
Click on your child's favorite TV show and it will give you the option to play games, find crafts or print off coloring pages using that show's themes and characters.

Okay and finally my favorite one... 

You don't need to be a kid to get lost on this site!!! I print these off for myself (shh... don't tell anyone) but this place has some AMAZING coloring pages. They have coloring pages that will challenge any artist to "keep it in the lines" or 

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