Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bilingual Kids - Resources For Teaching Spanish

I have had several people ask me about teaching their kids other languages. My daughters both know quite a bit of sign language and my 2 year old speaks a small amount of Chinese and Spanish. Her father is planning on teaching her Korean next year!

One thing I know that is true for myself is that you don't want to run out and spen $1000.00 on a program with out even knowing if you or your kids are ready to jump into the subject just yet! What if you spend all this money and your child won't do the program for even 10 seconds? What if it's not a teaching style you feel comfortable with? What if the program isn't that great, or you just both feel lost? What if your child just isn't ready for it yet? All valid points. So here's a few places to get started with out spending millions!

First the Programs that Cost Some Money or Investment

(Kids Love Spanish)

*I was first of all shocked to find that there were classes for young children in a huge verity of languages right near my home! I had no idea! So here's a site to help you find classes taught by instructors. What a great way for children to learn from someone who already knows! And, you can either participate (which is a great away to not only learn a second language but strengthen your child's understanding, and your relationship with them), or heck if you just need a brake go get a manicure while they get a great lesson (which is an excellent way to re-charge so you can be super mom again when you both get home)!

*Kids Love Spanish!
These are DVD's that teach Spanish. WOW! These songs will get stuck in your head and weather or not you plan to learn Spanish you'll both be speaking it in no time! They aren't even that expensive.

*Spanish For Kids
Really great DVDs, CD's, Books and sets to get you started!

Now the FREE ONES! Yep this is what most of us want to start with to see if we're even ready.

(From Literacy Center)

Okay you'll have to help young children with this one but if you can do Brill Kids or Your Baby Can Read you can use this program to learn spanish! It's mostly flash cards, easy to use games and other helping tools. You have to register but it's completely free! They do send out quite a few e-mails FYI. But the product is amazing!

*Bilingual Fun
Here's a mother who put together a great blog full of amazing ideas on how to teach and reinforce Spanish concepts in any home! Really you have to read it to believe how unbelievably good she is.

*Learn 4 Good
They have a lot of free Spanish lessons for kids. Then if you want to continue you can purchase other lessons and keep them on your computer for as long as you'd like.

*Enchanted Learning
These people have lots of work sheets you can print off, even if you just use them as coloring pages until your child is reading, they will serve as a great reminder to you of what you are working on! Also I print pages like this and hang them up so that I KNOW what my kids are saying to me!

Great lessons all free! They even have little quizzes!

*Spanish Flash Cards
That's all it is but hey you can print them and they are free. Use these for your kids or for you to keep up with them! The site is a little scattered but they have great flash cards to print! Either from english to spanish or with pictures and then the spanish word.

*Porpose Games! 
Awesome easy to use, easy to find games designed to teach Spanish! Take a little stress out of it for both of you! Let your kids start by exploring Spanish though games.

*Play and Learn Spanish
Great games easy to use and easy to find. Perfect for toddlers, or babies!

Okay here's a few to get you started, I will keep working on more as I find them!

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