Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Recording Your Progress

One of the biggest things I've found that discouraged me, and I've seen it discourage other parents is not being able to see the progress your child is making fast enough! As parents we have conflicting beliefs about reading on one hand "reading is easy" on the other "how can I possibly teach something so complex to my child?" these conflicting thoughts make it hard for us to be patent and to make it easy!

We complicate it just by believing it is complicating! It's not... most kids learn to read with out much effort. The younger they are, and the more you make it a game, the more they won't even remember learning to read, and won't ever remember struggling with it.

As for yourself, record your progress! On your first day have someone take pictures, or video tape you reading to your baby. Move their finger along the page with the words as you read them. Then whatever program or where every you have decided to start record that too! Try to record every 30 days! You only need a 30 second clip, for you to be able to see progress!

And here's an awesome way to play it all back. At the end of one year (your one year anniversary) from starting to teach your child to read... take all 12 (you should have 12) clips that are 30 seconds to 2 minutes long and put them on one dvd. Then instead of having a show and tell with your child (because they don't usually enjoy being put in the spot light, and won't usually do what you want them to when every relative they have is staring at them) have everyone over for a "I can read" Party and play the dvd! You'll probably cry with how far they've come. Things you've totally forgotten they didn't know! And, not only can you see their progress but for most of us who have done this it gives you all the more excitement about doing it again though out the next year!

PS this isn't just for reading. Do it for counting (record them just watching you at first), math, geography, and any other subject you choose to teach them! Then when their older you can give it to them as a graduating present!

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