Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Learn The Rainbow

So how do you teach a baby to recognize and name colors? Here's a couple of quick ideas! First off don't try to tackle them all in one day... learn the four most basic and common ones first, RED, YELLOW, GREEN, and BLUE!

Next YOU learn those four in sign language! It gives your baby another way to relate to them. Third use toys, food, and blocks that they already know and associate with! Memorizing something you don't understand is hard, memorizing something that already makes sense is pretty easy!

Here is the sign for GREEN

Here is the sign for BLUE

Here is the sign for YELLOW

Here is the sign for RED

Now that you know the signs go buy a bag of skittles (assuming your child is old enough to safely eat them) or M&M's and go to town... let me tell you from experience candy get's right to the heart of learning colors! Just only let them eat the ones they can tell you (or sign you) the color for! (You'll want to be very easy going and help them a lot at first, if it's your first day just tell them the colors and if they are old enough have them repeat them. As you start to see they know their colors, don't make exceptions!)

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  1. I just had a friend e-mail me and tell me her baby who is 10 months was too little for skittles so she substituted Froot Loops Cereal! What a great idea!