Saturday, January 8, 2011


I knew before I had kids I wanted to homeschool them... so after I had my first daughter I sat down and thought to myself  "Why am I waiting 5 to 6 years to start school if she's not going anywhere but our front room anyway?" Little did I know that thought would change our lives forever!

It took me nearly a year just to get anything organized in my mind, on paper, and defiantly with the finances! Evie (our first daughter) started school just a 2 weeks before her first birthday, but it was a long long road. Most childhood teaching tools that you can easily find (especially for anyone under the age of 4) are extremely expensive! And, to be honest they aren't always that great! We've tried several out at this point, and most of them I found on sale, got free trials for, or had a friend who was willing to let me barrow theirs to try.

We made some mistakes, way over spent, and got so frustrated we nearly gave up... but 16 months later my oldest daughter is starting to read, and her younger sister... isn't too far behind! Now it doesn't take 16 months to teach a "baby" to read, if you know what you're doing. So I have started this blog to help all the other mom's like me get off on the right foot from day one!

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