Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Baking Fractions

Search Amazon.com for measuring cupsMy 2 year old daughter knows quite a bit about fractions. How you say did we get into fractions? It was a complete accident! I started trying to teach her to "share" by braking things in half. When she asked me for a cookie, candy, roll etc. that could brake in half I told her "only if you share with me". Then one day I said "no" because it was right before dinner and she wanted a "pie of cake" (meaning piece of cake), she looked up at me and said "haf a cake?". I nearly fell over laughing! And, I realized just as my mom (whom homeschooled all 9 of her children) had, if you want to teach fractions there's no place like the kitchen!

Baking is probably the number one real life application for fraction use when you're little! Bake your favorite recipe and show kids that you need four 1/4 scoops to make 1! They think it's funny but honestly it sinks in! Teach sharing in halves, thirds, twelves if you have to!
Here's another great idea! Get a $3.00 set of measuring cups and give them to your kid to play in the bath with... before long they'll be using the smaller ones to fill the larger ones! Doesn't seem significant but it's a big step in math!

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