Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Baby To Big Kid Online Book Of The Week Club - Introduction

Welcome to the online baby to big kid book of the week club. If you haven't already check out the post with over 3000 Free Online and E-books for children. We will be selecting our reading from these websites, which means there is NOTHING for you to purchase. 

Better yet, you can win all kinds of free prizes by participating and leaving feedback of what you and your child did with the weekly book plan. 

I will be posting a new book every Wednesday! As well as the review of the previous weeks book! All you need to do to participate is to read the book that is posted, follow any activity posted (or make up your own) and comment on the review of that weeks book to win! A winner will be selected by random each week, they will have until the next week to respond with their address, and their gift will be mailed out. 

In the mean time you and your child will have 4 to 5 books and weekly activities all planned out, and a deadline by which to report back on your progress! If you want to get an e-mail reminder on Wednesday to check that weeks book and activity, leave your e-mail address as a comment on this post, and I will send out weekly e-mails. 

Want bonus entries into the weekly prize drawing? Here's how you can get up to 5 entries a week! 

Mandatory: Comment on the review blog and let us know what and how you did this week! Even if you didn't get the entire assignment complete, just let us know what you did, and how you liked the story! (1 Entry)

Bonus: Share the baby to big kid book of the week club weekly post on Facebook or Twitter. (1 Entry)

Bonus: Recommend this blog to one of your friends though e-mail. (1 Entry)

Bonus: Recommend an online book or activity to go along with an online book for the weekly review. (1 Entry)

Bonus: Share the baby to big kid book of the week club on your blog, forum, or feeback site. (1 Entry)

Make sure you add in your comment which of the above you've done for credit towards drawing. 

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